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Thank You Robin Hobb

For those of you who have read the Farseer, etc.

So upon discussing Eldering the series with a friend of mine whom was very uncomfortable with Fitz and the Fool’s relationship as well as the Fool’s (lack of) gender identity.

He asked me if the fool loves Fitz in a romantic “man to woman way” and the conversation that resulted was a beautiful assessment of the nature of love and the relationship between the White Prophet and the Catalyst.

Here is my take:

Romantic love is not defined as “man to woman.” A better way to think of the romance that exists between Fitz and the Fool is that the catalyst gives the prophets life meaning. Conversely, the prophet gives the catalyst’s life meaning. To give one’s life meaning, that is one description that encompasses many types of love.

Next, the fool chooses to keep their biological gender an enigma, they are not defined by gender. The fool sees Fitz as a soul, not as a piece of meat to love or not love based on biological gender.

The only place in which their relationship is strained is the realm of sexuality. Fitzgerald perceived the Fool to be male and is uncomfortable with sexual relations that are not heterosexual.
The Fool, who desires Fitz sexually, chooses to be respectful of Fitz’ s discomfort and does not press the issue with Fitz even though it causes them emotional pain. So the fool pushes sexuality to the back burner for Fitz’ s sake. However, this does not stop their relationship from being emotionally intimate and physically affectionate. So, love is not about sex.

So, I want to say thank you to Robin Hobb for writing his beautiful story and giving me such excellent food for thought, and enhancing my life through literature..


frankly im annoyed and irritated with the existence of the got fandom when robin hobb’s books exist

women queens women bards women soldiers woman assassins woman puppeteers woman sailors woman candlemakers, grandmothers and aunts and nieces and daughters all working together to save the world

This is the dream I love the best. I had it once. I’ve tried to make it come back, but it does not.
  Two wolves are running.
  That is all. They run by moonlight across an open hillside and then into an oak forest. There is little underbrush and they do not slow. They are not even hunting. They are just running, taking joy in the stretch of their muscles and the cool air flowing into their open jaws. They owe nothing to no one. They have no decisions, no duties, and no king. They have the night and the running, and it is enough for them.
  I long to be that complete.
fool’s assassin - robin hobb (via farbeyondthequiet)

Marc Bolan


Marc Bolan


T. Rex


T. Rex


Unsettling experience with this Little Blue Heron yesterday. I was walking along one of the bayous I visit and saw him beside the bank up ahead. (first photo) When I got fairly close he flew, or tried to, but only went a few feet in the air and plopped down in the water. Strange. I got closer and he kept doing the same thing, fly, plop, fly, plop.  Then I saw the piece of monofilament fishing line coming from his leg to the limb he was standing on.

He’s in big trouble, no telling how long he’s been struggling and there are plenty of gators in this water.  I got no gloves, nothing to protect myself from him if I try to untie the line, but he may not last another 20 minutes if I don’t do something now. So I found a long stick and snagged the line and started reeling him up the bank of the bayou. Of course he started freaking out and during the ruckus managed to get a wing caught up in the line too. I was afraid if I put too much pressure on the line it would cut into the muscle so I just cut it loose from the limb it was snagged on. You can see it hanging down between his legs in the last photo.  

When he realized he was free he hopped up onto a higher limb, (last photo) and stood there for a long time. I figured he must be exhausted. He finally flew off. I hate that I couldn’t get that line off him but I guess I did the best I could given the circumstances.  :(


Mandarin Duck - the first time I saw this duck it was magical.

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